It is strongly recommended that you are protected for cancellation by travel insurance prior to making a booking.



You must be 18 years of age or over to book accommodation and stay at The Hudnalls Hideout.

The maximum number of guests in the accommodation is two adults. No children for safety reasons.

All bookings via our online reservation system should be treated as provisional until you receive confirmation from us via email. To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit of 30% (or full payment) of the cost of your stay is required. Bookings must be paid in full 8 weeks before your arrival date. If your booking is less than 8 weeks from the date of your stay the full cost of your stay is required.

When you submit a booking and payment via our online reservation system you will be requested to read and accept these terms and conditions of booking. You will receive an automatically generated booking confirmation and payment summary by email to the email address you provided at the time of booking. This booking confirmation email forms a contract between you and The Hudnalls Hideout.

If the balance is not paid by the due date The Hudnalls Hideout reserves the right to re-let your accommodation and retain the deposit.

The prices featured on the website are not binding. We reserve the right to modify these prices at any time. The price stated on your booking confirmation email is binding.

The Hudnalls Hideout reserves the right, at all times, without statement of reasons, to refuse or cancel a booking.


Your accommodation will be ready by 3.30pm on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.

Due to the remote woodland location of the treehouse and lack of external path lighting (for our local wildlife), we encourage you to arrive before darkness in winter. If you anticipate that you will arrive after dark, you must notify us at least 7 days in advance with your arrival time and keep us updated if you are delayed on your journey to us. All arrivals must be before 9pm, all year round.


Any cancellation must be in writing via email and will only be effective once we send written confirmation of the cancellation to you. Please see REFUNDS section for your entitlement to refunds. Cancellations made within 7 working days of your stay date, will not be refundable under any circumstances, as the stay cannot be remarketed.

When we confirm your cancellation in writing we will provide you with details of what (if anything) is owing to you and any deductions we have made.

We strongly recommend that you take out holiday insurance at the time of making the booking with cancellation cover. Whilst we allow you to cancel your stay, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to refund any part of the payments you have already made.

If you are unable to travel to the treehouse for any reason, or do not arrive on the day of check-in without notifying us, this will be treated as a cancellation.


Cancellations made within 7 working days of your stay date, will not be refundable under any circumstances, as the stay cannot be remarketed.

If your dates are resold:

You will be entitled to a refund of all payments you have made to us minus:

(a) any reduction in the value per night of the new booking received compared with the rate charged to you for your stay nights;


(b) a £50 cancellation admin charge.


If your dates cannot be resold then:

If you cancelled

Eight weeks or more prior to the check-in date

We will retain the deposit you paid at the time of booking.

Less than eight weeks to the check-in date

We will retain all payments made and you will be liable for any outstanding balance payment.

If you are unable to travel due to personal illness (e.g. Coronavirus or other sickness), our cancellation policy will apply.


If we cancelled your stay:

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel your holiday, we shall inform you as soon as possible and refund all monies paid to us, by you within 14 days.

If Government policies restrict travel and you are unable to travel to stay with us, you will have the option to postpone your stay to a later date (subject to any differences in price applicable for the new dates) or receive a full refund.


It’s important to us that all our guests enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay with us. The Hudnalls Hideout is in a quiet, remote location in the countryside and guests choose to stay with us because they are seeking to retreat, relax and unwind. To keep this peaceful tranquillity, we do not allow any music or radios outside of the treehouse. Please use headphones if you are listening to music outside.

After 11pm, the only sounds you should be able to hear are the owls hooting and the sound of deer rustling through the woods, as you star gaze. If you want to party until 2am around the camp fire, then The Hudnalls Hideout really isn’t the right location for you.

In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to ask your party to leave if there is repeated noise after having received two warnings. As you will have breached the terms of your contract with us, no refunds will be forthcoming.

Drugs or prohibited substances are not permitted in the treehouse or on site, at any time.

Due to our insurance conditions, visitors are not permitted in the treehouse at any time. Children are not permitted in the treehouse as guests or visitors, at any time.

We provide a hammock, reclining sun loungers and a rope swing for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Please note:

  • You use these entirely at your own risk and must use them in an appropriate and safe manner;
  • We accept no liability for injury as a result of using this equipment inappropriately or whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • The hammock and swing are for use by one adult only at a time;
  • You must not use any of these under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


The treehouse is rented to you for purely non-commercial leisure purposes only. Filming, photography or other commercial uses including influencers/blogger content creation must be be done with prior authorisation from The Hudnalls Hideout management. Additional charges may apply for commercial use.


Parties or events are not permitted. The maximum number of persons using the accommodation at any time must not exceed 2 persons and only those listed on the booking can occupy the property. We reserve the right to terminate the booking without notice and without refund in case of a breach of this condition. No external suppliers or third parties, such as styling companies or caterers, are allowed, unless they are our pre-approved suppliers.


Please leave your accommodation tidy and let us know if anything gets broken so we can replace it for our next guest. Accidents happen and we will only charge for replacements in exceptional circumstances, as we expect a fair degree of wear and tear. If the damage is directly attributable to the guest, then we reserve the right to request payment to cover all damages incurred directly during your stay.

All cleaning, under normal circumstances is included as part of your stay. If additional cleaning is required, including washing up, additional cleaning of the interior or fixtures and fittings then The Hudnalls Hideout reserves the right to charge for this work at a rate of £15 per hour. The Hudnalls Hideout reserves the right to invoice guests following their stay.

Guests will be charged for any item(s) that are removed or lost from the accommodation.


The use of drones for commercial or private use is strictly prohibited.


Sorry we do not allow dogs or pets of any kind at The Hudnalls Hideout. Our woodland is home to fallow deer, badgers, foxes, and other wild animals and neighbouring fields contain horses and livestock which can be scared by straying dogs.


Smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes are not permitted in the treehouse building or outside on any wooden decked areas. Smoking is permitted at ground level but please extinguish cigarette butts fully in the sand bucket provided and dispose of them responsibly.


Due to the high fire risk with a wooden structure, the use of candles and tea lights, are not permitted in the treehouse building or the raised wooden deck area, at any time.


Due to the high fire risk with a wooden structure, the use of fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not permitted across the entire site, at any time.


A purpose-built fire pit and seating area is provided for outdoor cooking and camp fires. There is also a Delivita wood fired oven for cooking. Please keep camp fires to the designated fire pit area and do not light fires anywhere else on the site. Only use the fire wood provided in the wood store. Please do not collect branches and twigs from the surrounding woodland as much is set aside as wildlife habitat. Use of the fire pit and wood fired oven can be dangerous and is at the user’s own risk.

We supply different wood suitable for the fire pit and wood fired oven for your stay. If you require charcoal this can be purchased on site. Please do not use the wood-fired oven wood in the small box in the treehouse for the fire pit.

Additional fire pit wood is free of charge and available on request. We strongly advise that you use charcoal for cooking purposes on the fire pit as it works best. Only the small wood logs supplied (in the small crate) should be used in the DeliVita wood-fired oven to avoid damage to the unit. Please do not use charcoal or the fire pit wood in the wood-fired oven as it will cause damage that you will be liable for.


Should there be a failure in a utility service (e.g. water, heating, electricity, sewerage) please notify The Hudnalls Hideout management immediately and we will aim to restore the service as quickly as possible. However, should any utility service failure extend beyond a 12 hour period from notification, for your health and safety reasons you will be asked to leave the accommodation and your accommodation fee for the duration lost will be fully refunded or you will be offered to re-book for another time, subject to availability.


The Hudnalls Hideout is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and it has been carefully designed to provide maximum guest comfort and convenience whilst respecting the surrounding natural environment and its native inhabitants.

Please note there is no pathway lighting to the treehouse from the car parking area. A rechargeable lantern(s) are provided for your convenience and we encourage guests to arrive before dark for this reason.

At dusk, we kindly ask that you close the blackout curtains and blinds and external lights are switched off (if not in use for your safety), to minimise the impact of lighting on the nocturnal wildlife, such as bats.


We have provided a recycling bin for recyclable waste and ask that you recycle as much as possible. Welcome information in the treehouse will advise what is recyclable locally for your convenience and to reduce your stay’s impact on the environment.


The Hudnalls Hideout provides a unique glamping holiday experience in a woodland area and a natural environment. This environment presents inherent risks, and these form part of the glamping experience you are entering into when you stay at The Hudnalls Hideout.

The Hudnalls Hideout is situated in an ancient woodland, which borders an area designated as an SSSI (Sight of Special Scientific Interest – The Hudnalls Woods) and an area designated AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – The Wye Valley). The site landscaping and guest areas at The Hudnalls Hideout have been left deliberately untouched and wild to protect the native plants, trees and wildlife.

You are reminded of the higher degree of risk a woodland environment presents and you should take appropriate and reasonable care for your safety and the safety of others at all times. This includes wearing suitable clothing and footwear for the terrain and weather conditions during your stay. You are fully responsible for your own safety at all times.


The Hudnalls Hideout will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property on The Hudnalls Hideout premises. Vehicles, accessories and contents are left at the owner’s risk. It is recommended that your holiday insurance covers loss or damage to personal effects.


The Hudnalls Hideout has a narrow access track from the main road to the car parking area. The narrowest point is 2.3 meters wide. Please drive slowly and carefully on the track (maximum speed 5mph) and be considerate of neighbouring properties on your arrival and departure from the site.

Be mindful that walkers with dogs and wild animals, specifically wild deer, also use the track.

Please note the access track is unsuitable for low slung sports cars or very large 4×4 / vans or campervans.

We will ask you at the time of booking for the make and model of vehicle you intend to arrive in and notify you if we have any concerns regarding access.

In adverse weather conditions involving excessive snow or ice, it may not be possible to get your vehicle down to the parking area. In such circumstances The Hudnalls Hideout will advise where to park your vehicle.

There is parking for one guest vehicle only. In the event that you wish to bring more than one vehicle you must notify The Hudnalls Hideout at least 7 days in advance who will advise where to park the additional vehicle. No more than 2 vehicles are permitted at any time.

Please note that the treehouse is approximately a 5 minute walk (100m) from the parking area. There is no road access or parking next to the treehouse.


The Hudnalls Hideout holds no responsibility for guests who are unable to attend the treehouse due to extreme weather or traffic conditions (e.g. snow, flooding, high winds, road traffic accidents/congestion, train delays, etc.). If a guest is unable to reach The Hudnalls Hideout due to adverse weather conditions or travel issues, you will lose your full payment and an alternative date will not be offered. Please ensure you have full holiday / travel insurance to cover such eventualities.

If we make the decision to cancel your stay for safety reasons due to extreme weather (snow or high winds), we will offer you an alternative date, subject to availability.


The Hudnalls Hideout accept no liability for events prior to or during your stay totally beyond our control, e.g. destruction of property due to flood, fire, earthquakes or acts of nature; or if the property becomes uninhabitable due to irreparable damage or on Health & Safety grounds that could not reasonably have been foreseen. In such instances, refunds will be at the discretion of The Hudnalls Hideout management.


First issued 01.02.20. Last updated 24.02.23 by HH (Wye Valley) Ltd t/a The Hudnalls Hideout